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Designing Christmas Cards is Still Profitable

You could be wondering whether it is still relevant to send Christmas cards during the festive season.
Yes, the Christmas card tradition is still a big deal among some people. Much as social media could be awash with Christmas messages now, there are still people who value receiving Christmas cards.
This week’s article unpacks what you need to get started and how you can actually earn some money from this craft.
Making season’s greeting cards may be traditional but these cards bring a certain warmth to people’s hearts especially if one puts some thought to it.
Mr Timothy Owere, a lead designer at Dis n’ Dat – one of those businesses that specialises in making and designing cards with over 10 years’ experience, says: “This is a very profitable business especially if you set your foot out to market it.”
The festive season is characterised by giving greeting cards and other gifts. Therefore, you will not go wrong with this kind of business especially during this period where it usually booms.
With the help of a computer, designing a card has been simplified. this is a fairly easy business to go into.

To start making season cards, Mr Owere says one should look at the brand of your client and what they stand for and also incorporate it with the trends.
“When designing cards for individuals and family, it is very important to know their annual themes, taste and relate them with trends of that particular year,” Mr Owere says.
When starting such a business, one should have some knowledge about design and paper crafting since you will be working a lot with paper.
Access to a computer is key in this business. This will help you when designing the cards. Have some basic knowledge on how to use a computer and typesetting. Have a printer to print out your designs and few other small tools –like cutting machines to cut the paper.
With the digital era, one may also want to create e-cards, which can be sent over email or social media.
Mr Owere says as a designer, you can create seasons’ cards with a variety of themes depending on your clients’ tastes and preferences.
“You may also make personalised gift tags by using simple layout software and a printer,” he adds.

Just like any other business, the card-making business has its own set of challenges. Many times, some people make orders and eventually fail to sign up after taking away your designs.
The other challenge is the absence of good quality paper since most of it is imported. With the currency fluctuations, this affects their plans.

Mr Reagan Ssembatya, manager operations – House of Wealth, says just like any other business, it is wise to prepare your catalogue which has different designs.
He says once this is in place, make use of social media spaces such as Facebook. Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp groups to market your products.

According to Mr Owere, how much one can use to invest in this business depends on how big you want your business to be.
Ideally, for one to start, you need a laptop. With the rest, you can outsource them from those who have them.
Owere says depending on your target market, it is usually not so much money. On average one should be equipped with about Shs3 million to set off the business.
On average, each card costs about Shs3,000. Out of this, one should expect a 30 per cent profit.
Usually, the cards are packaged in bundles of 50 pieces. This means that each bundle costs Shs150,000 with a 30 per cent profit earned from each card, one walks away with Shs45,000 in profit.
If one distributes 20 bundles of 50 cards, he or she will be assured of your Shs900,000 turnover. This is also determined by the number of clients you have signed up.

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