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AK47’s death: The Lessons

AK47 died a very young man, I will not dwell much on this debate of who qualifies to be called a young man or whatever, AK47 was 25 years at the time of his death and surely he died a young man. I would love to concentrate on the very many lessons we can pick from the death of Ak47.

  1. Tell people you love them when you still can see them

A friend of mine on Tuesday last week asked me: How do you feel having both your parents? (Meanwhile she lost both her parents before she even could write ABC) the question was very simple to me, and before I could even think about it..paaa…gave her my answer: It is very normal, you feel the same every day nothing serio- tom mean serious. I have never been that daft in the face of a very beautiful thing as I was that Tuesday! The girl looked at me like a goat looking at running water, definitely puzzled and I was not prepared for her next question: “What about if you did not have them?”

Our next discussion after that question was  along one but you want to know how it ends- I picked my phone and called both my parents for 30 minutes each, created a Whatsapp group and added all my siblings and every day I chat with each of them.


Pallaso's post after finding out AK47 had posted he loves him.

Pallaso’s post after finding out AK47 had posted he loves him.

AK47 was loved by his brothers so much, am sure about Chameleone-very sure and was very shocked about Pallaso, I did not see Weasel many times though, but indeed they all loved him so much. Interestingly, AK47 loved them more and he did the best to let them know, but they couldn’t click-  Pallaso’s message on Facebook will prove this. Today use the time you have with those you truly love very well, tell them you love them and be there for them- There is no social media in the grave.


AK47's post showing how much he values Pallaso

AK47’s post showing how much he values Pallaso

  1. Oh the deeds

There are very many things we do in this life, but today get out of your way and do something however small, trust me it will never be forgotten. Mr Gerald Mayanja surely has received many good things from his other children-No doubt. But he remembers the smallest with gratitude. He says AK47 would come home with 50,000shs and the little champion would share that money with his dad. Do one good thing today and write your name in someone’s heart.


  1. The Celebrities challenged

The celebrities we have today will have to pick something from this: At 25 years, AK 47 was building a house (nearing completion). I have never heard of AK47 launching, have not even heard of him staging a concert or a show- May be he did or he did not, someone should correct me if am wrong.


AK47 was so unfortunate according to Pallaso, that even a show where he expected to earn in South Sudan, he was instead forced to sing at gun point. The little boy sang all his songs plus a bonus track happily and came back home even broker than he had left!

I will not mention all the artists who have shocked us with strange discoveries after their deaths. You know them. So to the celebrities out there, AK47 has set a good example. We are no longer interested in how expensive your clothes are or where you are ‘hanging’ or even how many hits you have- Today go developmental.

  1. Respect Jose Chameleone.


This guy truly needs the respect. In my previous blog, I mentioned how Chameleone had labored to educate AK47 against his interests. He wanted AK47 to be a producer (a well-educated one). At the requiem mass in Lweza, Pallaso also made a very quick but important confession:  He thanked Chameleone for making them what they are today, for bringing respect and music home. Pallaso added that they are not educated that much, but because of Jose Chameleone, they are what they are. RESPECT.


  1. Mind where you will be buried.

Bukedde already settled this, so I will share:  Bwanamukulu w’e Nalijji, Faaza Kintu ye yakulembedde mmisa eyabadde mu maka we baaziise AK47 kyokka ennyumba y’oku kiggya nga tegya mu mannya amazito okuli Chameleone ne baganda be.

The house in Mityana

The house in Mityana

That literally means: The house that was in Kalangalo Nalungi Mityana was not what we would have expected of the Mayanjas. With Jose Chameleone changing from one escalade to another and dishing range rovers as mothers’ day gifts!! And the rest of the Mayanjas living not so bad abroad!! Weasel, Pallaso not doing bad either, these boys need to build a house back in their village- A better one. It is understandable, it may have been in plan and they did not expect death to come so soon.. But pick the lessons today. When you die, your ghost is allowed to stay in the city and “eat swag” ..But your body will be taken home- Ancestral. So put up something small home.


  1. Take serious what people say (The signs of death).

In my previous blog, I took us through this whole thing, there are those signs that death comes with. One of them is – People become strange and actually tell you they are going to die but you will never realise it until they are actually dead. Those that have seen the messages by AK47 before his death will agree…

AK47's Whatsapp update before his death. It surely was not him posting update.

AK47’s Whatsapp update before his death. Very strange

We all remember the late Emmanuel Kagyina, yes the boy who jumped off the last floor of Mary Stuart hall in Makerere in November 2012. This guy tried hard to inform whoever cared, that his time had indeed come, but all in vein. No one wanted to know:

Kagyina was running a Facebook profile with 264 friends (That’s  good number ). And on the 12 September at 7:04 pm, Emmanuel posted ( I won’t change a thing):

Sh’d it b OK 4 sm1 2 comit suicide if he’s so much overpowered by PROB’s?If nt wht shd such a person do? my friend is in danger,HELP!!! ( Note the upper case HELP)


Kagyina’s status received one like from a one Bryan Hard Orinkunda and no comment (I do not know why people click the like on such status updates). Kagyina went ahead to comment on the status…trying hard to get an answer

@hard wt msg do u think I shud deliver? (Kagyina was really trying hard to find an answer)


Another friend on Facebook possibly tired of the post: Muhwezi Patson from Mbarara University replied: “let him get himself peace”


Three months earlier Kagyina had posted: It tk me so long t believ tht sincerly parents cn

disown their children.

What we get off Facebook sometimes should be treated seriously…Even a quick joke like my friend Moore who posted: Oh Gash I feel like committing Suicide….


To cut the long story short: Emmanuel Kagyina committed suicide two weeks after his suicide post! He had not a single comment on his post when he needed it and you will see how many people have posted on his timeline ever since he died…UMPTEEN!!


  1. Social Media has replaced our hearts.

When people start using social media to wish you the best in your other life, you would think they cared the most..Alas, people should get back to who they were. I saw this at first when rumor spread that Madox Ssematimba had passed on…oh God. People poured in all the best messages, one even posted: Madox gone too soon, I really wish I could help you in your troubles, whether financial or what?

As soon as the person got to know that it was a rumor, they hid the post and even changed Facebook names!!

Social Media is changing the way we mourn- Its pretense, we just don’t want to be left behind so we jump on to send #RIP messages and pictures of dead bodies which indeed must STOP


  1. Last but not least, the words of Mr Gerald Mayanja. He called upon the government to help curb the use of drugs among artistes or even extinct all sources producing weed- lamenting that it has “finished” his children. Okay bye


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