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AK47’s Death: What people say

Death has snatched another  member from the music industry, this time from arguably the “most” talented family- The singing Mayanjas.  The youngest of the Mayanjas, Emmanuel alias AK 47 has unfortunately become the first victim of the harsh hand of death, after it threw him to the bathroom floor (according to reports) of a pub in Kansanga/Kabalagala. The musician gave up on earthly life on his way to hospital.

What is true?

The truth is AK47 is dead and this news has been confirmed by the media all over and his elder brother Joseph Mayanja commonly known as Dr (self proclaimed)  Jose Chameleone- He posted 6 hours ago on his Facebook page.


Pallaso was next, he could not believe the news, on his Facebook timeline he said it seemed like he was still in sleep.


Meanwhile Bebe Cool had earlier announced the death, He posted:

This is the worst news ever to happen.I have just been told by Leon island manager that our young brother A.K 47 has died.RIP

And then there came Bobi Wine, a few minutes into Tuesday morning, he posted:  I have received the shocking news of the sudden death of our young brother and fellow soldier AK47. My heart goes to you Dr.Chameleon,Weasel,Palaso, big bro Humphrey, mum ,Dad and the entire Mayanja family. Kitalo nnyo banange. May the good lord strengthen you through this trying period. My family morns together with yours.

The entire social media is streaming with pictures of AK47 and surely there is no doubt the champion AK is no more.

What are other media houses saying?

For every death, there will be a number of theories and so many people talking unless you just vanish, it is worse if you are a celebrity or VIP as in the case of AK47. The first feeds on social media were as clear as pregnancy- He slipped and fell in a bathroom at a pub in Kansanga/ Kabalagala. What came after that is strange:

Big Eye Uganda, one of the best entertainment websites we have claims that AK47 was strangled by the ghost of Karamagi who apparently died at Jose Chameleone’s premises. Big Eye continues to add that Karamaji’s ghost has been roaming around the city  and haunting his (Karamaji’s) father.


It should be remembered that Karamaji’s father stormed the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP’s) office last month demanding that the file of his son be brought back to “life”. The father refuses to believe that his son set him self ablaze and he is as convinced that his son was killed.

Bukedde and New vision websites report that AK 47 was beaten! They quote the police and claim the body has evident wounds .

Daily Monitor: The website quotes the singers’ manager and he claims the musician died in a bath tub, he was found bleeding and he died a few minutes later.

What the people are saying.

I will proceed on this with out any names, read and take what you can. What i will write here is what has been said by specific people i know and respect and i know the rest of you respect them too.

1. Around June last year, while we were arguing about why the Goodlyf crew members and the team no sleep group are always fighting and battling each other, we consulted a pastor who said: In 100 days, one of those artists will die. This he explained with serious and scary theories from another life. Certain websites like Big Eye and the Xclusive Uganda carried that story in the same month.

In the picture big eye chose to use, Pallaso is pointing at AK47.

In the picture big eye chose to use, Pallaso is pointing at AK47 (do not make conclusions)

The pastor continued and said: It is very possible to confuse the spirit that is after them, and they will sacrifice a few things, but it will strike the most innocent”. Now I can not conclude on this but there you are, make your conclusions.

A group of friends have already waved off the bathroom death, they claim that Dejavu pub has a very small bathroom and even if you were ambushed by the slipping spirit, you can not fall in that bathroom.

2. AK47 recently announced that he had become born again and he released a song (That by the way has not been released yet). In the song, AK 47 actually gives hints that his life could be on the line – The song is now live.  The fact that AK 47 chose to get saved at this moment, according to another source is because there are certain things that we do towards our death and no one will ever know, but they happen and some are quite strange. Before anyone dies, they will do one strange thing in their life (a few days to their death) They will either become too talkative, when they were generally quiet or too funny, when they were very boring- That was AK 47’s route. (Again not my words)


Another very vocal person on social media, who also claims to be a devil worshiper claims that when you publicly confess, you could be in trouble….I will share her opinion below in  the blog.

3. Dejavu: The venue of the place where AK47 died is dejavu: Allow me take the Wikipedia meaning of that word: Déjà vu
from French, literally “already seen”, is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has been experienced in the past, regardless of whether it has actually happened.

On the same day (March 16) in 2003 Ogopa dejays Issah Mmari alias Esir died

Now make your conclusions again.

4. Drugs: Just like the chic who sent us a very long message claiming that dejavu is a market for weed and cocaine and of course i will not share the message here, many people think the same. I do not want to be one of them though.

5. The very strange Nancy Shee Sweet love. There are very strange things in this world, but look out for this person on facebook who calls her self the angel of death. She has been posting strange things ever since she joined facebook. The latest , on January 8 she said that one artist will die in the early stages of the year and another later. Her profile picture is a corpse. Read her posts and you will be shocked. Now can we relate her posts to this? Its up to you.

Petty jazz

There is this that i want to call petty jazz, but i will give it to you anyways:

The last person to be called (others claim he was not called) was Jose Chameleone.

The body was taken to the police, the police did not believe the story as it was very strange, it was then taken to Mulago. I do not believe my source either

A group of people after hearing the news went to Mayanja senior’s place in Seguku (The dad) and they were told to go to Makindye instead Luwafu road (The mother’s place).

The person who loved AK47 most was Dr Jose Chameleone, he wished him the best and struggled hard to see that he succeeds in school but AK47 was not interested, the two are said to be very close like lips.

AK47 recently was on a TV show and he made it clear that he has no problem with any of his brothers. Pallaso Mayanja also released a song , sorry in which he apologizes to all his brothers.

Weasel (Douglas Mayanja) muttered something last night. He said: The truth will come out. I still do not believe my source

There is a tree outside a certain house (either goodlyf or team no sleep), according to sources, money is dumped at this tree and you have to pass it without having your back facing it. Some time back, another artiste claimed he had encountered that mysterious tree, he was fired from the group. This is hearsay

The last 48 hours are the real story of someone’s death (according to another city pastor). Diamond Oscar mentions the last one hour, he says they removed their shirts to give him some fresh air after they found out he had fainted. The last person AK 47 talked to his Boby DJ.

My Opinion

Death is natural and the first stages of people accepting death is denial, they will coin all theories but that is what makes God a genius. God completely hid anything about death, you can never know how it comes and how it takes you, he gives and takes and for this case- He took.

When i lost a sister recently, we all saw that we could not save her, and we were told to pull off her life plug, but till today i can not stop thinking of endless theories to her death. Death is death its that simple, there are no theories.

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