Master Blaster of the ‘Emboko’ fame has in the past been announced dead but on all occasions he has turned up alive.

However, that isn’t the case this time. With just two days into the new year, Master Blaster has been confirmed dead.

The comedian and musician succumbed to gun shot wounds he sustained during a fight with a group of ‘Dinkas’ from South Sudan.

Blaster is said to have got into a fight with the Dinkas at Eden pub, Bwaise.

One of the members is said to have pulled out a pistol and shot Blaster killing him on the spot. Bwaise is mourning one of their own and preparations for his burial are already underway.

Blaster shot to fame in the mid 2000s with his hit ‘Emboko’. However, the song was banned from Uganda’s airwaves citing vulgar lyrics in the song.

Blaster himself was banned from music for life.

RIP Master Blaster


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