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Meet Slim Emcee Who Evokes Feelings With His Poems

Slim Emcee is a Ugandan celebrated poet whose real names are Kabubi Herman. Herman is a full time poet and copywriter. We caught up him and interviewed him.

1-  How is Slim MC? Are these your real names?

Slim; The name is Slim Emcee (UG). My real names are Kabubi Herman (I possess the name Herman because I was born on the 8th of March which is the International Women’s day and because of that, my mother was so excited about my birth she called me her_man (Herman), though majority of the people know me as Slim Emcee or Slim Emcee (UG) the poet which happens to be my Artistic name. There is also meaning attached to the name Slim.

2- What is the meaning?

Slim; To me, Slim means that if you are thin like me, love who you are. If you are dark or light skinned, embrace that. If you are short or tall, that is what makes you perfect. In a few words, Slim means self-acceptance.

3-What does Slim Emcee do? 

Slim; I am a performance poet who performs, writes all his pieces but also writes for others, teaches the art of Poetry, sings, Emcees, Copywriter and freestyle raps.

4-What inspires you to do all that?

Slim; My inspiration is the love I have and also the impact of my work to those who have experienced it. The ability to have a critical eye has helped me a lot, to observe things in a great way and be able to capture the spark.

5-What are you most excited about in regard to poetry?

Slim; The way my words touch people’s hearts. When I am reciting, I always look into people’s eyes so that I can tell what feelings am evoking in them.

6-What goals do you want to accomplish in your work?

Slim; Be the self-elected leader representing my continent and at one point the entire globe through my works. Share my works with as many people as possible.

7-When you were a child did you see yourself taking this career path? If yes what were the signs?

Slim; As a child, I was a singer…my dad always held competitions at home and whoever was the best would get more money to buy more snacks at school. So that helped me learn how to sing though later I got into dancing till 2012 when I felt that I had no future in dance and that it would be hard for me to leave a mark or even build a legacy out of music or dance. I chose to be a writer and a poet and ever since then, I have been a poet.

8- Did you have any key mentors or people who deeply influence you? Tell me about them.

Slim; My father was and has always been a great mentor to me. He has always been there to support me. His words helped me a lot to discover the real world and also how to see things in a poetic way.

9- What are your thoughts about Uganda’s copywriter sector?

Slim; It’s growing at a terrible speed with the profound technological development and recognition of media though many of the Copywriters are freelance.

10- Why freelances?

Slim; Most Copywriters want their freedom i.e. they find it stressful having a permanent job at an Agency and others prefer having personal clients and accounts than to work on those managed by Agencies.

11- Can you compose us a poem now?

 Slim; Yes I can.

(Off his head he recited this)


He says; Meet my EX,

After maximum execution, Exploitation,

Finally, excommunication.

Women should be dumping men,

Not men doing the reverse.

Unfortunately, none of us does so.

I guess you are enjoying the stanza or verse,

But what good is left of us,

Apart from coated lovely yet deadly dark hearts,

That racists would prefer to refer to as black hearts.

This kind of situation hurts our hearts,

Yet their healing is not a must,

When things get to the worst.

We lose our heads and burst into tears,

Getting rid of the fears.

Is it love greed that she sees or hears?


Now break free or loose,

Receive the woes and boos,

From those high on booze.

Accept judgement from fools,

Claiming to utilize intellectual judicial tools.

To judge your feelings and emotions.


They never paint the true negative them in your eyes,

Yet with the so called courtship,

They expect you to visualize with your eyes.

Do you ever realize?

That all they say to you is a bunch of lies,

While searching for the precious inner you.

Unfortunately, they very well know,

Where your treasure lies.

Over there. In your minds.


You might think that skeletons are hidden in the wardrobes,

Forgetting that mirrors have seen millions of them.

Mine, yours and those belonging to them.

If there is anything for these reflective objects to feel and see,

It’s shame. Damn.

12-  Where do you always perform from?

Slim; Every first Tuesday of the month, I perform at the Museum (Open MIC Fusion360).

Every first Wednesday of the month, I perform inside the National Theatre Auditorium (Author’s Forum)

Every last Tuesday of the month, I am at The HUB Kampala (Poetry In Session)

Every last Thursday of the month, I perform at Gatomato (Kwivuga Poetry Night)

You will also meet me performing at Church, festivals, concerts, Open mics, and private events.

Ugo spot questions

1- Beer or whisky

Slim; I don’t consume any alcohol.

2- Favorite gadget

Slim; Latest professional Nikon camera

3- Apple or Samsung

Slim; Apple

4- Take us through your normal day

Slim; Wake up at 5am every day, do my Afrikan Yoga, do the grooming, have something to eat and off I head to office. From there I either have a performance, an event to attend or a meeting with someone and then return home at around 1 in the morning where I have to write, read and watch a documentary before shutting down my entire human system.

5- What do you love most about Uganda?

Slim;   The flora and fauna

6- What do you hate about Uganda?

Slim; The Babylon system

7- What do you do in your free time?

Slim; Feed my mind

8- If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items or people who would wish to have with you

Slim; Laptop, camera and a free soul

9- Favorite movie you last watched

Slim; Battle of the year

10- What would you wish to be written on your tombstone

Slim; I am one of the few lucky human that will not die but if I was to die, that would be; “Your legacy shall forever live”.

11- When was the last time you cried

Slim; The way things are handled in Uganda makes me cry every day.

12- Are you dating?

Slim; That’s sacred for now.

13- What do you love most about yourself

Slim; My mind.

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