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Stop Dressing Skimpy on TV- Fan Roasts Lynda Ddane

TV host and media personality, Lynda Ddane Uwamahoro, describes her style as ‘comfortable daring and flamboyant’. She is unapologetic about appearing skimpy on set, if it makes her enviable.

Whereas some fans (obviously male) have credited the presenter’s style for keeping them glued and keeping their hormones hyperactive, the moralists are up in arms.

They reckon that with each inch of body flesh she exposes, she loses her dignity and thus needs to cover up as a matter of urgency.

“Not hate but ladies we need to respect our bodies as first priority if we deserve respect from our loved ones in return…for f***s sake why put on such skimpy indecent attire on a national TV. For real ladies we need to check our dress code before appearing in public,” one fan complains on Twitter.

She goes as far as to claim that Ddane goes on set without panties, which is ridiculous and scandalous and an insult to her dignity and privacy.

Like anticipated, many however root for Lynda Ddane, claiming it is a free world.  “This world would be more exciting if everyone minded themselves.  Rather it’s a cruel world where Sinners judge other sinners for sinning differently,” a one Peter argues.

He continues. “For me I absolutely see no problem. Given her program on TV, there is a reason people dress the way they dress. You ought to appreciate her for that. If she did this for Kwanjula, then you would think otherwise but for now she knows her audience.

In a previous interview, long before she became a star, Ddane revealed that her personal style was comfortable, daring and flamboyant “. Black is her favorite color as it somewhat sneaks its way into everything she wears.  She mentions Rihanna Fenty and Meghan Good as her fashion icons.

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