Okoth Ochola

Uganda has been served by several Inspectors-General and Commissioners of Police. Here is a list of Inspector Generals of Police since the country attained its independence in October 1962.

Michael J. Macoun, 1959-1964
Lt. Col. Wilson Erinayo Oryema, 1964-1971
Benjamin Othieno, 1971-1974
Luke Ofungi, 1974-1975
Kassim Musa Obura, 1975-1977
Odria, 1977-1979
David Nsubuga Barlow, 1979
William Musoke, 1979-1980
Boniface Aaron Okoth-Ogola, 1980-1985
Luke Ofungi, 1985-1990
David Psomgen, 1990
Apollo Byekwaso, 1990-1992
John Cossey Odomel, 1992-1999
John Kisembo, 1999-2000
Lieutenant-General Edward Katumba Wamala, 2000-2005
Major-General Edward Kale Kayihura, 2005-2018
Martin Okoth Ochola, March 2018 to date


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