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Abortion: A Sign of Morally Decayed Society

In the African Traditional society, abortion was both indiscernible and untraceable because of the strong bending towards norms and culture. Girls were brought up in high discipline form elders and parents unlike today where girls nearly do not spend time with parents nor elders.

They hence remain wanting in cultural values and norms especially the value of life. Today’s enigma¬† of work at the expense of parental roles by parents is central to moral degeneration and to mention abortion.

Many girls today have neglected their cultures regarding them old fashioned due to intrusion in advancements of both fashions and communication. At the cost of their lives, they pride in sayings like “Ffetuliko,” “Omulembe gwa swaga.”

Such a society infiltrated with this mind does not value life hence perpetuating drug abuse, pre-maritual sex, the use of contraceptives and abortions in case of “unwanted pregnancies.

I implore fellow girls to shun away from such acts and develop a positive attitude towards our cultural norms as in the past. More so that life is preserved and viewed from a positive perspective.

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