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Jali Festival: Rewriting Uganda’s History through Creative Arts

Festivals in Uganda today (as has been in the recent past) are generally known to host music acts and other genres of art usually for a social cause. But in a unique twist of sorts, an upcoming festival dubbed Jali Festival has different ideas to the same concept- a musically, poetically and artistically packed experience meant to delve into the details of the oral history of past years and the essence of its ‘reincarnation’ to the preservation of our true Ugandan identity in all aspects of the word.

Scheduled to take place on the 19th and 20th of July 2013 at MishMash, the Jali Festival promises to showcase both traditional and contemporary expressions of oral history, complimented by workshops and open mic sessions suitable for students, young corporates as well as the old guards aimed at encouraging the audience’s participation in cultural intercourse.

The Jali Sustainable Team strongly believes that oral transmission of wisdom, knowledge and stories from one generation to the next is at the heart of Ugandan culture as a fundamental ingredient to define the true identity of the people. This they believe- in effect will avert the dangers of globalization and rapid socio-economic changes which threaten the fabric of our very traditional culture and customs.

As one may suspect, Jali Sustainable’s Festival has an unmistakable intention to address a cause beyond restoration of tradition… to improve the livelihoods of the disadvantaged on Bussi Island, Lake Victoria.

Everyone ought to come out and support this worthy cause. Friends, foes, acquaintances, family and inlaws, book the date 19th & 20th July 2013. For more information regarding the Jali Festival, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/jalisustainable

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