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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Talk About a Case of Misplaced Priorities

I am not a fan of social gatherings and as such I only attend those that I must. Not too long ago I and a few dear ones were musing at one such gathering. We lost a close friend and oh my, her children went out of their way to turn this into a showcase of sorts. Mini parades, state of the art coffin, themed funeral accompanied with a five course meal.

Not that I have a problem with a flare of gestures, in another world I would applaud this clout had I not known the inside story.

You see, these children could partly have been the cause of their parent’s demise. Although they lived far from her, the few times they would visit, they would first check into classy hotels wining and dining with friends weeks on end before finally making a stopover at home on their way to the airport.

Their parent would beg from relatives and friends in order to have a decent meal. When she did fall sick, her children would at times refuse to send help telling all and sundry “that one is like that, she will be fine.”

In fact, those who were at their parent’s deathbed tried in vain to persuade the children to see their dying parent. So it really came as a surprise when the children decided to throw a mega fete at their parent’s funeral.

It really beats my understanding. Who were they trying to please? I mean when it really mattered, caring for their parent and saving their life they did not rise to the occasion.

However, when it came to parent’s send-off they outdid themselves. I believe it was useless considering their efforts could not in any way bring the deceased back to life. Maybe they were trying to mend fences, albeit too late.

These children are not alone
It reminds me of how many times as human beings we concentrate on trivialities instead of looking at the big picture.

Think of the contractor who builds a public bridge with substandard materials forgetting that at one time they or their loved ones could end up perishing on the death trap they have created.

How about public officials who channel public funds to personal accounts forgetting that the funds could actually improve the standard of living in the country as a whole. Okay, maybe that is farfetched, how about those parents who never buy the basics in a home but somehow manage to pay hospital bills when the children fall sick?

Something that would have been sorted by a few shillings and probably kept in family confines suddenly leaves you exposed. I guess when these actions are carried out, it is believed that their effects will not see the light of day, but as history has proved, nothing can remain under wraps forever.

As you settle the hospital bill, arraigned before courts of law or as you hold a five-course meal funeral, all those present may sympathise with your misfortune but at the same time they will also criticise you for simply being a show-off.

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