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What Is Behind Nude Photos Of Local Celebrities?

You saw nude photos of Cindy, then Judith Heard and as the public is still nursing the shock of Zari’s current boyfriend, a one Farouk’s nude photos, another celebrity has just had her nude photos made public.

Former Obsessions singer and dancer-cum-designer, Brenda Nambi’s nude photo’s went viral, seconds after they were posted online.

In some of the photos that UGO got to see, Brenda is seen standing totally naked in a corridor, holding a black phone which is believed to have been used to take the photos while she is seen seated on another in the second one.

However, it is the second photo in which most of her parts are visible; he boobs are wholly exposed.

Brenda’s photos are leaked at a time when her music and design careers were wanning.
Cindy and Judith Heard nudes

However, she is not alone!

Last week Farouk Ssempala, Zari’s boyfriend became the talk of town when his nude photos went viral online.

Farouk claims his mischievous ex-girlfriend from way back is responsible for leaking his nude photos. “The photo is like from 5 years back,” he says.

Socialite Judith Heard commonly known as Nalongo’s nude photos have leaked to social media last year. Another celebrity, self acclaimed Dancehall queen, Cindy Sanyu’s nude photos went public early this year.

Where one may wonder why our local celebrities are ripping off their clothes easily for photo shots, close friends to those, whose photos have leaked say they are being pushed to do so by their white lovers; and actually most of them turn out to be in relationships with whites.

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