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Besigye, Lukwago Walkout at Independence Celebrations

Former FDC president Dr.Kizza Besigye and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago walked away at the celebration venue in Rukungiri yesterday.

They walked away in protest to Ofwono Opondo’s comments that the People of Rukungiri requested that the celebration be held in their district in order to recommit their faith in President Museveni and the NRM.

As soon as Ofwono who is also the executive director at the media completed this statement Besigye was seen rising from his seat followed by Lukwago under the VIP tent walking away.

“The reason is because the government has turned national functions into party functions.This regime’s legitmancy is in question because they are not elected freely” Besigye cited his reason as to why he walked away.

Besigye on several Independence celebrations has been invited and would not attend.

He said he attended this one because the celebrations where in his home district Rukungiri but he however had other functions to attend to which he called off.

Meanwhile the Dr.Besigye, Lord Mayor Lukwago, Igrid Turinawe are still under house arrest at Besigye residence in Rukungiri.

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