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Brig. Gwanga pitches camp ready for Police eviction

The UPDF General Brig Kasirye Gwanga has made allegations that Kampala Metropolitan police commander Andrew Felix Kaweesi received bribes from people claiming ownership of his residence to evict him.

Brig Gwanga has for the first time produced legal documents from the Buganda Land board, indicating that Brig Gwanga was leased plot 273 situated on Block 732 Kizungu zone Makindye Division, a Kampala suburb for 49 years at 3 million shillings.

But the claimer of this home is reported to be in possession of documents pointing to a different Block and Plot numbers in Lukuli Nanganda Makindye Division, raising questions as to who is fooling who? And where are the right owners.

Brig Gen. Gwanga however reveals that the politics of evicting him is premised on an alleged pocketing of a kick back by Kampala Metropolitan Police commander Andrew Felix Kaweesi from the complainant.

He denied police reports that the chief of defense Gen. Katumba Wamala had directed him to vacate the house.

Brig Gen. Gwanga who has now decided to pitch camp in his forested compound with an AK 47 Machine Gun and a Revolver Russian made pistol model, says the mission is to teach Felix Kaweesi a lesson premised on military doctrines of not killing an enemy but maiming him.

But Kaweesi has described Gwanga´s alert warning to police as threats and comical, but Gwanga says it´s too early for Kaweesi to jump on conclusions.

But Brig Gen. Gwanga says the question of evicting him has not only disorganized him but also tormented his family.

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