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Buganda Katikkiro Collects Shs 84m from Ankole Visit

The Buganda Katikkiro, Charles Peter Mayiga collected Shs 84m during the fundraising activities in Ankole Kingdom on Saturday.

The money fundraised is intended to renovate the Kasubi tombs (Amasiro) which were destroyed by fire.

Speaking at the fundraising function which was held at the University Inn, in Mbarara Municipality, Mayiga commended the Banyankole in Buganda for developing the area.

“Banyankole should know that the coming of Baganda in Ankole has developed the area. They never used to grow Matooke, coffee or do business, it’s the Baganda who introduced all these things,” he said.

“Banyankole should know that they have the same blood like ours hence no need for hating one another,” he added.

Although a group of youth from the Ankole Cultural Trustee tried to block the Katikkiro of Buganda from coming to Mbarara, the police intervened and the activity went as planned.

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