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Buganda Will Not Sue Media Institutions Making insinuations About Kabaka – Makubuya

Media Institutions making insinuations about Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II will not be sued, but have been advised not to deny the king his due privacy, this has been noted by the Kingdoms Attorney general Apollo Makubuya.

News papers mostly those under the Vision group have been running different false stories about the Kabaka in relation with the mother of the newly Buganda acquired prince Ssemakookiro Richard.
Buganda Prime Minister John Baptist Walusimbi on January 17 announced that the Kabaka had fathered a child in July 2011, with an unnamed lady from the Nsenene clan. No further details were given, leaving the media speculating that the mother was Rose Nansikombi from Bulemeezi in Luweero District.
Bukedde News paper went ahaed to publish wrong photos aleging that they were those of the mother of ssemakokiro, but the Buganda Kingdom on Wednesday disputed the authenticity of the photographs and advised the media to wait for the Kabaka to present the prince’s mother at an appropriate time.

Katikiroo John Baptist siad, te kabaka will present to the public the mother of the prince when the time is right so the media and the general public should quench their appetite for the ‘Muzaana’
The ladies’ false photo published by Bukedde and Ne Vision news papers was that of a Makindye salon attendant Patience Barbra Kirabo, purporting to be the mother of Kabaka Ronald Mutebi II’s son, but the ladyy denied ever having any relationship with the Buganda king, and demanded ahuge sum of 500m from the New vision group of companies.
Ms Kirabo, a mother of one, said the publication of her pictures had greatly injured her family and relationship with her spouse, and demanded an apology plus Shs500m in compensation for damages.
“The publication of the picture has infringed on my freedom. My spouse was set to introduce me in March this year but he has now pulled out,” she said at a press conference called by her attorney Francis Harimwomugasho.
Ms Kirabo of Makindye, Waswa Zone, a Kampala suburb, said she belongs to Emamba (Lung fish) clan and is daughter of Mr Sinan Wabbi and Ms Rehema Nakitto of Butambala in Mpigi District.

Vision mum
New Vision Editor John Kakande declined to comment on the matter and referred this newspaper to Vision Group Chief Executive Officer Robert Kabushenga.
Mr Kabushenga also declined to comment.
Mr Harimwomugasho yesterday said Ms Kirabo’s personality has been greatly reduced and that she has lost liberty of free movement as members of the society look at her in the capacity of the Kabaka’s wife.
Ms Kirabo also expressed her apologies to the people of Buganda, Kabaka Ronald Mutebi II and Queen Sylvia Nagginda for the humiliation she could have caused to the kingdom.
“I am a true Muganda and obedient to my king but I did not give birth to Prince Ssemakookiro. I have never been in a sexual relationship with the king to cause the birth of the baby and I don’t intend to,” Ms Kirabo said.
Since the Kabaka’s exposure of Prince Ssemakokiro about two weeks ago, speculation among the public has grown, with many wondering who the mother of the likely Buganda heir could be.
Although the Kabaka and Buganda Kingdom officials remain silent on the issue, promising to release details when time is due, reports say Rose Nansikombi of Bulemeezi in Luweero District may be the mother of the boy.

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