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Mulwanyamuli Hails Former UFF Rebel

Former Buganda PrimeMinister Mr Joseph Mulwanyamuli Ssemwogerere has praised the deceased formerUganda Freedom Fighters [UFF] founder member Mr. Kibuuka Musoke, calling him ahero of Uganda’s liberation struggle. Kibuuka passed away in August thisyear after suffering from heart attack and his body was laid to rest atLiverpool in the United Kingdom.

Mulwanyamuli praised thelate Kibuuka whom he said was a brave man who fought to liberate hiscountry especially when his UFF party made an alliance with the former UgandaPeople’s Movement, which later turned into the National Resistance Movementwhich forms the current government in Uganda.

Together with the lateUgandan President Prof. Yusuf Lule, Dr Andrew Kayira Lutakome, Balaki Kiira,and Dr. Peter Senabulya, the late Kibuuka was one of the founding members ofUFF. Kibbuka was recently recognized as one of Uganda’s heroes.

Mulwanyamuli made theremarks during a memorial service for the late Bernard Kibuuka Musoke, onSunday, October30, at Praxis Hall, Bethnal Green in London. The servicewas organized by United Kingdom-based Buganda organization to commemorateKibuuka Musoke’s life.

The former Katikkiro alsourged Ugandans living in the Diaspora to support all the Kingdoms’ initiatedprojects back at home in Uganda. “…There is need for Bagandaliving in the Diaspora to support Buganda’s projects.” he said. Hecited the Buganda Trust Fund project which he said needs a lotof support for the Kingdom to help her people out of poverty and save them fromselling off their land.

He also said such supportwill help to unite and create a bond between Baganda wherever they live andtheir Kingdom back in Uganda and emphasized the need to focus on interests thatbenefit everyone instead of harboring selfish interest that benefit only asingle person. “…Lack of unity is our greatest enemy in Bagandabecause it weakens the Kingdom providing an advantage to its opponents.”Mulwanyamuli said.

Mulwanyamuli called for aspirit where people evaluate their input towards the development of theirKingdom before querying what the Kingdom has done for them. At the end ofthe ceremony, Owekitibwa Mulwanyamuli launched the website for ObugandaNnamaddala at www.obuganda-nnamaddala.com

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