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Kyambadde Raps Musisi over Centenary Park Demolition

Trade and industry minister Amelia Kyambadde has attacked Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director for what she termed as inhumane and heavy handed manner in which city authority handles demolitions.

The minister Thursday morning stormed the centenary park grounds facing demolition amidst scenes of chaos as KCCA law enforcement officers with protection from police, led by Kampala Metropolitan district police commander James Ruhweza, were demolishing structures.

A visibly angry Kyambadde first confronted a bewildered Ruhweza and demanded to know why they were treating people like savages.

She said KCCA was responsible for the mess that has been going on at the park because they signed contracts with the developer.

In a stern voice, she said KCCA are only reaping what they sowed. She said she was shocked by the excessive force KCCA director Jennifer Musisi was using to evict tenants after she assured her that they had two months to relocate.

“Why can’t Musisi behave in a civilized manner? Which world is she?” she asked. “I have kept quiet for long about this but as the minister in charge of trade in this country, I will not tolerate this. These are human beings who should be treated with dignity,” an angry Kyambadde said as she was besieged by reporters.

“Why can’t these people respect Ugandans? From here am heading to KCCA to find out why Musisi her team are using a lot of force. Why can’t they negotiate?” the minister said.

Kyambadde said tenants there were victims of circumstances.

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