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Nurse Accused Of Infecting Baby With HIV Insists It Was Accidental

Rose Namubiru, the nurse accused of injecting a two-year-old baby with HIV-infected blood said it was accidental.

Rose Namubiru is accused of intentionally infecting a baby with HIV/AIDs, however, she has denies the charges.

The defence hearing of Namubiru’s case started yesterday before the Buganda Road Court Magistrate, Olive Kazaarwe.

Testifying before the Magistrate, Namubiru said she accidentally pricked her index finger but immediately attended to herself.

She further told court that she was a senior nurse with experience of more than 30 years and had all the required skills in child handling.

However, the magistrate adjourned the case hearing to April 22, for further defense by Namubiru.

Namubiru is accused of using a needle which had her HIV infected blood to inject a baby.

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