Telexfree fraud suspect Ronald Muramuzi Saturday made his first appearance in Club Rouge since his release from jail a few weeks ago.

Clad in a pink short-sleeved shirt, a pair of Khaki trousers and white sneakers, Muramuzi appeared in Rouge at 2am.

He was in company of three ladies and two other gents.

The six opted for the ordinary section than the plushy VIP, where the ‘big spenders’ were, leaving those that recorgnised him in amusement.

Drinks steadily flowed in but they were not the ones you would expect from a millionaire, or a person who has been owning the same Club until of late when he sold it. His calmness too, made one hardly believe he is the man facing fraud charges amounting to over Shs2billion shillings. He looked very innocent!

Not even his simplistic dress code could reflect the multimillion properties that he owns with the city.

Muramuzi spent most of the time standing as he enjoyed his beer and only got to dance after Klear Kut, who had a performance that night took to the stage.

This perhaps gave him enough privacy to exhibit his other skill since the largest part of the audience had moved away, to the VIP where performances were taking place.

His dances were however always interrupted by handshakes and hugs from men, mostly with bulging stomachs who came to him up on recorganising him and this went on until when he left the club shortly after 3am.


Muramuza was freed two weeks back on Sh300m non cash bond , depositing his passport, a land title and three sureties; making him gain partial freedom after spending over a month behind the bars.

Muramuzi is facing two counts of obtaining Shs500 million from one John Bosco Muhiirwe, the director of Mixed Links, purporting to take youth for jobs abroad.

Muramuzi’s woes began early May after when he was arrested by police over allegations that through his companies; TESCO FREE, Addfast Inc, Telex free, Bank Electro, United Hype League and Massive Ads .Com that he had opened under different names had fleeced money from over 600 people amounting to over Shs4 Billion.


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