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Besigye to Katureebe: Your Judgment Is Useless, I Won Elections

Dr Kizza Besigye has responded with anger to the Supreme Court judgment upholding Yoweri Museveni’s victory in the February 18 presidential polls.

“The judgment is useless. I won. I and my witnesses were prevented from presenting the evidence of our victory to court,” an angry Besigye roared out from his residence where the police continue to hold him prisoner.

Besigye points out that the judgment, delivered by the chief justice Bart Katureebe Magunda on behalf of eight colleagues, cannot in any way add legitimacy to Museveni victory, which he likens to “a coup”.

“If the regime thinks that the court victory adds any legitimacy to Museveni’s victory, it’s hugely mistaken,” Besigye rants.

He adds that if he had been able to go to court, all he would ask for nothing else but ‘his victory’ from the justices.

“ I was not going to court ask for sympathy, but to ask for my victory,” Besigye who has since the day the results were announced maintained that it’s him who won, emphasizes.

Other than the court process, Besigye repeats that the whole February 18 presidential election need to be subjected to a thorough audit , which he adds, must be conducted by a independent bodies or individuals.

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