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ICU Elders in Secret Move to Install Parallel Emorimor

The Iteso elders are in advanced stages to secretly install Mzee Nicholas Dokoria as the new Emorimor, we have exclusively learnt.

On Saturday July 16, 2022, the Iteso elders who held a meeting at Soroti Hotel following the declaration of Paul Sande Emolot (unopposed) as the next Emorimor by ICU Electoral Commission chairman Dr. Charles Otim, resolved to name Mzee Dokoria as new Iteso Cultural union leader following the demise of Augustine Osuban Lemukol.

Late Osuban died in February 05, 2022 and since then the Iteso community has been divided with the elders not contented with the leadership of His Highness Paul Sande Emolot the current interim Emorimor.

This has also seen a court case being filed at Soroti High Court by the ICU house of Elders and interim orders issued against the Interim Emorimor Paul Sande Emolot

Mzee Dokoria hails from Tororo making him eligible to contest for the seat.In their meeting chaired by Nathan Isenged Okia the elders claimed that HH Emolot didn’t follow the right channels in order to be elected to assume the office of Emorimor.

However in the latest development and pictures circulating on social media the elders are in advanced stages in enthroning Mzee Dokoria against the decision of ICU electoral commission.The ICU electoral commission has designated July 23, 2022 as the day where all clan heads in Teso will be seating to elect new Emorimor.

The interim Iteso Cultural Union leadership has since insisted that what the elders are doing is unconstitutional and contravenes several articles in the ICU constitution.

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