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Kadaga – I Represent Everyone in Parliament not NRM

The speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga has assured government that she represents all members of the house and promised to be a Speaker for everyone when she took her oath.

The speaker of Parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has warned Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi over allegations that he was labeling her as an opposition winger in the house, saying she is not a speaker of the NRM party but a representative of all groups.

“No one should complain when I meet the opposition because I am their Speaker, no one should complain when I meet NRM because I am their Speaker and even the independents,” Ms Kadaga said.

Kadaga, who was speaking at the opening of the house following a recess, noted that Mbabazi had appeared on a radio program two weeks back, on which he is alleged to have said that Kadaga serves in the interest of the opposition.

“On a sad note, I was dismayed by statements from the Prime Minister in the media about my work. Leaders in this country should acknowledge that we consciously took a decision to go multi party and when I took this office I made a promise that I am a Speaker for everyone,” said Kadaga.

“For 12 years that Nsibambi (Apolo) was PM, he never went on radio to talk about the Speaker,” Ms Kadaga said. “We are leaders and we should respect each other because that’s how we will be able to lead this country.”

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