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Kakoma’s Wife to Sue Gov’t Over National Anthem

The family of the late Prof George Kakoma has threatened to drag the Government of Uganda to court over the national anthem.

This comes after the Government’s plan to give the Uganda National Anthem a new orchestra to help boost the country’s tourism sector globally.

The Minister of Tourism, Maria Mutagamba on Wednesday said they want to design a new anthem so that people know about their country, history and future. She said the anthem will not be changed but only be put in visual.

“We are going to use the same words and tunes, but use artistic impressions to promote the understanding of our anthem,” Mutagamba said.

However, Mrs Maria Tereza Kakoma has today (Thursday) told the media that the family retained the copyright to this song and any changes must be sanctioned by them.

Kakoma was the composer of the National Anthem and when he passed away he left the copyrights to his family.

She has threatened to go to court if the government does not abandon this project.

“Nobody can add anything, not even in music or not in words,” Mrs Tereza said, adding, “If you do change or add anything, you will put yourself in trouble.”

The Government has partnered with Alex Mukulu, a local artiste and playwright to spear head the project of giving the National anthem a new feel which will cost over Shs180 million.

Mukulu yesterday revealed that dress rehearsals have already started and it will be performed in November when Uganda is hosting the African International Tourists Association.

The new national anthem with a full orchestra is expected later this year to promote Uganda as a top tourism destination globally.

The government is yet to respond to the matter.

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