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Civil Society Groups to go to Court Over Public Order Bill

ivil society organizations (CSO’s) led by the Foundation for human Rights initiative are threatening to go to court in contest of the recently passed public order management bill into law, challenging its constitutionality.

On Tuesday parliament passed the Public order management bill into law despite stiff resistance from member of opposition, a law that once signed by the President will regulate all public gatherings.

Under the law anyone seeking to hold a meeting, public rally and demonstration must now first obtain police approval.

In a meeting with members from the Civil Organization Society at Hotel Africana in Kampala yesterday Wednesday they said that they are to petition the constitutional court, the African court on human rights and the African union on the act.
From the meeting they also resolved to mobilize Ugandans to stand against the law seeking to infringe on the fundamental rights.
According to civil society organization the act of parliament only seeks to keep the ruling National Resistance Movement in power, which will hamper the democratic development attained so far.
Retired bishop of Kampala Zac Nirinjiye added that the act of parliament if consented to by the president will not only restrict the public from convening when they have burning issues, but also the clergy when they opt to address their subjects on biting issues like poverty.
It remains a matter of time on whether the above options by civil society organization will yield tangible results.

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