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Friday, June 2, 2023

Gov’t To Enforce Law That Bans Skin Lightening Chemicals

The Government plans to put a ban on all dangerous chemicals and skin lightening chemicals entering the Ugandan market.

This follows the cabinet’s approval of the transformation of National Drug Authority to National Food and Drug Authority.

The new authority will block all dangerous chemicals, lotions and creams from entering Uganda.

Speaking before the cabinet on Thursday, the Minister of Information and National Guidance, Hon Rose Namayanja said some of these chemicals include mercury and hydroquinone that are in many lotions and creams.

These chemicals put many women at the risk of getting skin cancers, diabetes, hypertension among other diseases.

“Cosmetic known to contain hazardous skin lightening chemicals like mercury and hydroquinone will not be tolerated. Abuse of some of these cosmetics is already exposing some of our people to health risks like diabetes, hypertension, kidney ailments and heart disease,” said Hon Namayanja.

Cabinet also aims at blocking blood based products sometimes categorized as pharmaceutical products with the risk of exposing patient to blood transmitted diseases like Hepatitis B. Some biological products like hormones also categorized as pharmaceutical products if not effectively regulated may also expose consumers to diseases like diabetes, hypertension, kidney damage and heart disease.

Cabinet has directed the Ministry of Health to urgently commence the process of drafting amendments to the National Drug Policy and Authority Act, 1993, to pave way for creation of the NFDA.

When the Bill gets to Parliament, Cabinet will also appeal for bi-partisan support due the urgency to protect enhance protection of our citizens.

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