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Stella Nyanzi Sues New Vision

Stella Nyanzi, the suspended researcher at Makerere Institute of Social Research has dragged Vision Group to court over airing the graves of her fallen parents.

“My lawyers led by Counsel Isaac K. Ssemakadde of Centre for Legal Aid have brought me some sweet-sweet-sweet juicy news. They have served the Vision Group this afternoon with court papers. We are suing this public media house for taking my personal institutional fight against the rot at MISR ‪#‎RotAtMISR to my father’s grave, home and private business. Why haunt my innocent relatives with glaring cameras, unwelcome interviews and deceptive representation? They have two weeks to respond to the suit,” Nyanzi revealed this evening.

She seeks court to declare that Bukedde’s tresspass onto her ancestors’ graveyard and that publicising information about her parents, family, home and upbringing infringed on her family and her human rights protected by the Constitution.

“A declaration that Bukedde’s desecration (i.e. pupuing, susuing and farting with their cameras and recorders) on my father’s burial grounds violated our customary and cultural values protected by the Constitution of Uganda. My father was the Ssabalangira w’esiga lya Kyagambiddwa, a clan elder of the Buffalo clan’s hierarchy in Buganda. An order directing Bukedde to immediately publish a full and unreserved apology to me and my family, that is equal to the damage that they did to our family.

“The media must pay for the sin of tresspassing on my family’s private property, poking their long ugly noses into our private affairs, and tarnishing my ancestors’ memory. I alone undressed in protest. Neither my deceased ancestors nor my living relations protested against Mamdani. MISR was the theatre of my protest, not my father’s graveyard, family property, business grounds or investments. Stay away from my people, suckers! See you in court.”

Bukedde Tv recently aired a story where it spoke to Stella Nyanzi’s relatives. Talking on camera, these spoke about a couple of issues including Stella’s upbringing. Their comments didn’t go down well as she hit back at her relatives shortly after it was aired.

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