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Friday, June 2, 2023

Lubaga Hospital Publicist Drowns At Itanda Falls, Jinja, Search Still On

Joan Twizere Uwimana, the Publicist of Lubaga Hospital drowned on Saturday at Itanda Falls in Jinja and the search for her body is still on.

Her family and friends are praying with crossed fingers hoping that Uwimana could still be alive.

Uwimana had gone to the Jinja for the weekend with her friends accompanying a guest from the United States.

They accompanied the visitor following a request from their friend, Ms Rehema Namukose who lives in the United States.

When they reached Jinja on Saturday, Joan and another friend of hers picked up another friend to help them as they tour around town. That’s when they decided to go to Itanda Falls, Butagaya slc, to take photos.

However, as this friend they picked from Jinja was their photos, he fell into water but kept holding onto the rock. Joan tried to pull him out but unfortunately, she also fell in the water and was washed away.

“She rushed to try and pull out the guy from the water but she was over whelmed and fell in,” Ms Phionah Katushabe, a friend who was with Joan narrated the story to Daily Monitor.

“She held onto the guy’s pants but a huge wave came and washed her off and she went down the river.”

Joan drowned at around 2:00pm and the search for her body is still ongoing.

Prayers to Uwimana, her family and friends.

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