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Museveni Cautions: Stop Voting for Change Out of Excitement

President Yoweri Museveni has urged Ugandans to vote for his National Resistance Movement (NRM) as it’s the only party that has a clear ideology intended to continue transforming Uganda.

According to Museveni, politics and leadership isn’t all about singing, rather about seeing the nation develop by boosting the economy, making sure that citizens are safe and a number of other important things. He has urged Ugandans not to vote of excitement.

“Some countries have voted for change out of excitement, In Liberia out of Excitement the citizens voted for a famous footballer but it didn’t take them even a year to regret. They say their leader has turned into a dictator and so many things they hoped for have not happened,” Museveni said.

He said that its only him and NRM that are not afraid to publicly admit that there have been huge occasional failures like corruption and low-quality public service delivery.

However, he believes that their 2021 manifesto will be able to address all the above.

Our manifesto is the best. Only the NRM guarantees you peace and stability. We have the surest plan for economic transformation and prosperity. Uganda is on course to middle income status. It is why most Ugandans agree with us. We are certain of victory,” he said.

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