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Katikkiro Mayiga Sets Off To Dubai to Fundraise For Kasubi Tombs

The Buganda Kingdom Prime Minister, Charles Peter Mayiga has set off to Dubai to fundraise for the reconstruction of the Kasubi tombs.

The Katikkiro set off for United Arab Emirates Dubai this morning, days following his assessment by the Buganda Kingdom Lukiiko (Parliament).

Mayiga recently said ever since he started fundraising money for Kasubi Royal Tombs reconstruction, people have shown him that they understand his motive by encouraging him to continue with the fundraising drive.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, Mayiga said the kingdom still needs money to do many things and this money fundraised will help do that.

“It is the people to support the Kingdom until it establishes its financial base. I will continue collect money in different places as long people invite me,” said Mayiga.

The Katikkiro explained that it is the people who willingly give money which is transparent that they love their Kabaka.

“Every coin we collect goes directly to the Kingdom treasury and it is disbursed depending on the need and it has to be accounted for,” he added.

The reconstruction of Kasubi tombs is in its final stages. Last week, the Katikkiro revealed that it will be completed next month.

He said much of the construction work is complete and what remains is the roofing of the “Muzibu Azala Mpanga” the mausoleum where remains of four Buganda kings were buried.

The Kasubi Tombs were gutted by fire in March 2010.

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