Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has said there is no consideration whatsoever to change the National Anthem following reports that the anthem will be changed to boost tourism in Uganda.

Mbabazi says the appropriate organs of government have not discussed or agreed to change the anthem.

Late last month, the Minister of Tourism, Hon Maria Mutagamba said the Government plans to give the Uganda National Anthem a new orchestra to help boost the country’s tourism sector globally.

She told journalists at Uganda Media Centre that the new national anthem with a full orchestra is expected later this year to promote Uganda as a top tourism destination globally. She added that the Government has partnered with Alex Mukulu, a local artiste and playwright to work on the new ensemble of the anthem.

However, speaking before Parliament Wednesday, Mbabazi said no anthem will be changed.
“All you are hearing in the media is not true. The national anthem is not being changed. There is no such consideration whatsoever to change the anthem,” said Mbabazi.

Instead he noted that if such an idea came up, they would all discuss it in all appropriate organs of government and come to Parliament so that the changes made are agreed upon.

Mbabazi also called upon the Minister of Tourism to come before Parliament and explain to all the leaders why the anthem has to be changed.

“It is alleged that the ministry of Tourism is championing this to boost tourism. Where is the demand? Let the minister of Tourism come and explain to us,” he said.

Mutagamba last month told journalists that the anthem will not be changed but only be put in visual. “We are going to use the same words and tunes, but use artistic impressions to promote the understanding of our anthem,” Mutagamba said.

Since these reports started, there has been concern from leaders on why the anthem needs to be changed.


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