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Museveni: “We Have Been Disappointed by the Conduct Of The West For a Long Time”

President Yoweri Museveni has expressed his disappointment in the conduct and morals of the west which he said has been for a long time but he had never commented.

Museveni was speaking to CNN’s show host, Zain Verjee on Monday at State House in Entebbe after he had signed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

“We have been disappointed for a long time by the conduct of the west. We never comment,” President Museveni said.

State House posted the interview between the President and CNN on their Facebook page.

Verjee asked the president his opinion on international groups’ concerns, whether he would meet the small homosexual community in Uganda.

This is because Museveni is viewed as a regional leader who has presided over stability and progress in his country and how this will be affected now that he has signed the law.

CNN’s Zain Verjee:
The international community have been making the bill an issue for 9 months; you are not protecting freedoms and rights. President Obama issued a statement recently. Does it worry you and have you been disappointed?

President Museveni:
We have been disappointed for a long time by the conduct of the west. We never comment. There are many things we don’t agree with but we don’t comment. For instance, polygamous marriages are normal here but they are not in the west. And we have not said they are interfering with the right of a man to marry several women! We don’t comment!

Since there is now an attempt at social imperialism to impose their values on Africa, our disappointment is exacerbated. Because if the west does not want to work with us because of homosexuals, we have enough space in Africa, we can work here.

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