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Comedian Paddy Bitama Not Dead

People on social media today killed comedian Paddy Bitama spreading rumors that he had passed on early Friday.

The news of Paddy Bitama’s death went viral on social media and spread like a bush fire. When his colleague Amooti was contacted, he rubbished the rumors saying Paddy is still alive although very sick.

Here are some of the updates about Paddy that have been coming in through social media;

NBS Television which stated;

Update:We are yet to confirm news that we have received about the passing on of former Amarula lead comedian Paddy Bitama #Amawulire#Amasengejje

Paddy Bitama who is a former comedian with the Amarula Family fell sick last year and has been bed ridden at Mulago until mid this week when the doctors at Mulago Hospital advised his family to take him home since they can’t do anything to improve his situation.

Paddy is currently at his home in Nansana where he is fighting a tough battle for his life.

It should be noted that today at the same time, Rwanda president Paul Kagame has been reported dead but the Rwanda government was quick to refute the reports.

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