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Police Seeks Bobi Wine’s Help As Hunt For Dinkas Intensifies Over Master Blaster’s Death

South Sudanese are an endangered species in Bwaise following death musician Master Blaster of the ‘Embooko’ fame.

Dinka people from South Sudan are accused of having shot dead Blaster Monday night and locals have began a house to house search for them.

The scene in Bwaise Tuesday can be likened to Hollywood as angry residents took authority in their hands, hunting down dinkas Rambo-style.

The infuriated residents destroyed property believed to belong to dinkas and in the end two narrowly survived death thanks to police that arrived on time and whisked them away.

Police and army remained heavily deployed in the area but this didn’t scare away the angry mob that was saying that they can’t look on as their people are being murdered in South Sudan and even in their country.

The hunt has spread into the second day. Police is involved in running battles with a mob that is determined to wipe away dinkas from Bwaise.

Police has apparently appealed to self-styled Ghetto president, Bobi Wine to go and calm the situation.

Trouble began Monday when Master Blaster was shot dead at Eden pub by allegedly a dinka.

This was after Blaster, who had been invited by the owner of Eden on the fateful night got a misunderstanding with one of the dinkas.

The scuffle ended with the dinka allegedly reaching for his pistol which was then in his car and shot Master Blaster, killing him on the spot.

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