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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Rebels Led by Museveni Seize Control of Kampala

Leaders of a rebel movement announced today that they had overthrown the military Government of Uganda after seizing control of Kampala, Uganda’s capital.

Leaders of the rebel movement, the National Resistance Army, said at a news conference in Nairobi that their group was now the legitimate Government and vowed to take control of the entire country.

Maj. Gen. Tito Okello, who became Uganda’s head of state after staging a military coup last July, was reported by a Kenyan newspaper today to have said that he would counterattack and fight on.

Soldiers Surrender and Retreat Western diplomats and other sources said, however, that thousands of the military leader’s troops were surrendering, others were retreating north toward the Sudan and east toward Kenya, and still others were fighting among themselves over whether to stage a counteroffensive or to lay down their arms.

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