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Rosemary Namubiru Convicted Of Injecting Child With HIV Infected Blood

The Buganda Road Court Magistrate has convicted Rosemary Namubiru of injecting a two-year-old child using an HIV-infected cannula.
Rose Namubiru is accused of intentionally infecting a baby with HIV/AIDs, however, she has denies the charges.

Chief Magistrate Olive Kazaarwe said that Ms Namubiru is a health care professional who has served for more than 30 years and should have known that a cannula cannot be used on more than one person.

The 65-year-old nurse is said to have pricked her finger and then used the same cannula to inject the child.

She has been found guilty of negligence with intention to infect someone with HIV and will face three years in prison.

The Magistrate said Namubiru knew her HIV status and should have been more careful while on duty.

However, Namubiru claims it was accidental. During her defense hearing in April, Namubiru said she accidentally pricked her index finger but immediately attended to herself. She argued that she was a senior nurse and has all the required skills in child handling.

By the time of the incident, Namubiru worked for Victoria Medical Centre as a registered nurse for four years and her role was to inject patients, dress wounds and dispense medicine to patients as prescribed by the doctor.

After the incident on January 7, the child was immediately put on the post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) which is given to people newly exposed to HIV in a bid to stop infection taking place. The baby completed PEP treatment in 29 days, maintaining her HIV negative status.

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