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Swedish Lady, 70 in Tears As Ugandan Husband, 25 Escapes With Her Money

Uganda witnessed an extra-ordinary wedding last year. It was between 25 year old Ronald Ssemawere popularly known to many as Guvnor Ace and Mona-Lisa Lassorn, a white lady of Swedish origin aged 70 years.

Wedding Of The Year!

The wedding took place at the High Court, Kampala and the story went viral shortly after the event, making headlines even in international media.

“Of course, most people think I married Mona-Lisa for her money. When we met, I had my own money. I was living well. True, she has her money but I love her for who she is. But we help each other financially, just like other couples do,” Guvnor told media after their wedding.

But with just months after the wedding, the couple has separated with Mona-Lisa accusing Guvnor of being a gold digger.

Following their wedding late last year, the couple had remained in Uganda until December when the Swede lady decided to take with her Guvnor to her home country for holidays.
Guvnor Ace and his Swedish wife in Sweden

Guvnor Ace and his Swedish wife in Sweden

In the first days of their arrival in Sweden, the Leone Island singer through Facebook was full of praises for Mona-Lisa and went as far as swearing he would never leave her.

But that was then. The Facebook account has since been de-activated and here is the reason.

Guvnor Runs Away From Home

Mona-Lisa spent the whole of Sunday ranting on social media. Her rants had nothing to do with the just released election results but rather Guvnor Ace.

In her broken English, she says that upon getting to Sweden, Guvnor hooked another Ugandan lady of his age and ran away from their home.

Narrating the story on social media, Mona-Lisa says that Guvnor had pleaded with her to take him to her home country in Europe and the couple left for Sweden together in December. But when she went shopping recently, she didn’t find Guvnor at home upon returning. He had apparently left together with a Ugandan lady and the duo is currently asking for political asylum in Norway.

“He and the whomen have play the game. Even she asept him to married with me to come to Europe, All the love he tell he have to me was only a play from him,” she writes on Facebook.

Mona-Lisa further says that he hasn’t left her because she doesn’t give birth but because the whole wedding was a game hatched by Guvnor as a way to get to Europe and to get money out of her.

She says he is cheap and poor just like his latest catch.
Guvnor Ace introduces Mona-Lisa to his relatives prior to their wedding

Guvnor Ace introduces Mona-Lisa to his relatives prior to their wedding

“This is a bosh man cheap and pore and his whomen is olso cheap who sup his man for mony. its not for I cant get children he left its becose he is stupid and dont care about his women. He think women is not human people. I newer se sombade so cheap in my life.”

How They Met

According to Guvnor, the couple met on Facebook! This was after he shared a video of one of his songs, Gutujja on Facebook and Mona-Lisa’s friend, Marie Jose, shared it on her page. Mona-Lisa liked it and commented, although she did not understand the language.

There were two comments on the video and hers was the first. After a tipoff from Marie that he had a new fan, he went to the comments section and sent her a friend request, which she accepted.

“You see, you first love your friends before you can have an affair with them. You cannot love your enemies. Mona-Lisa became my friend and we chatted for 11 months. In December 2014, she flew in to visit me. Our love grew after our first meeting and we started connecting,” he said told media.

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