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Uganda Offers Guerrillas A High Military Post

Uganda announced today that it was offering the country’s main guerrilla group an equal say with the army on the governing military council and vice chairmanship of the body.

The Government called the offer today to the National Resistance Army proof of its commitment to end a four-and-a-half-year civil war that has killed, displaced or maimed thousands of people in the East African nation.

The proposals were outlined in a statement issued in Nairobi and broadcast over the Ugandan radio at the opening of the fourth round of peace talks. Uganda’s military leader, Lieut. Gen. Tito Okello, and the commander of the insurgents, Yoweri Museveni, led their delegations.

General Okello arrived in Nairobi this morning to take command of the delegation from his Defense Minister, Col. G. Wilson Toko, who led the Government side in previous sessions. Mr. Museveni had not taken part since the first two rounds in late August and early September.

The guerrillas are the largest and best organized of several bands of insurgents who began fighting the civilian Government of President Milton Obote early in 1981.

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