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Dad forced by 9 Year old Daughter to Write a Letter to Bebe Cool: “Bobi Wine “is class Apart”

Salutation Mr. Ssali Moses!

I sometimes hear people call you Bebe Cool. You will permit me to interchangeably refer to you by both names in this letter because I don’t know which one you like the most.

My name is Odaka Asuman from Tororo Municipality.

Mr. Cool, I hadn’t been a good follower of entertainment news until some of you decided that you can maintain a double identity; of entertainers and political activists.

On the evening of 14th November 2020, shortly after NBS TV news bulletin, the presenter announced that they were to interview you live from Arua City on the role of artists in politics.

Politics being one of the fields I have dedicated some attention to for most of my adult life, I called for some popcorn and tea.

Indeed after a short time you were “wired” and the interview commenced, I can tell you for free, it was such a disappointing effort watching you speak. Your response to some questions was very abhorrent, contemptible, loathsome and undeserving on a national television.

The language was very foul and immature. It was worsened when you tried to compare yourself to Bobi Wine especially in regard to popularity.

But I wasn’t the most disappointed person in the house, Salmah was. In protest my 9 year old daughter for the first time in her life forcefully grabbed a remote from me and changed to Telemundu.

Salmah, knowing I sometimes write, asked me to write a letter to you.

Therefore, although I will sign with my name, kindly know that it’s from Odaka Salmah, a 9 year old and in primary four.

Mr. Cool, I understand how painful, hurting and frustrating to see your former classmate being the next possible president of a country while you are only being considered for pinning campaign posters and distributing t-shirts of his opponent.

Understanding your situation left me thinking till deep in the morning as I considered Salmah’s suggestion of jotting to you about the philosophy which you seem completely naive about in this race of life.

As I was deeply lost into what kind of a letter I would write to you, to bring out the message in the philosophy of life, I remembered a wedding party where my former classmate at the great JICO was wedding off his daughter.

At the reception, listening to the great speeches, my thought went far back on how far we have come as former classmates of JICO through Makerere University to date. I considered how his children are now of marriage age, when my eldest is only 9 years.

I also recalled another classmate of ours whose daughter recently graduated as a Lawyer, but mine just yet to even finish her primary school.

As it started seeming to me that I am lagging behind, the face of another of our classmate flashed by and I was reminded that his children are still in nursery school while Ojok, another classmate is yet to find his missing rib.

It became glaringly obvious to me that though we were all classmates and graduated together, life has shuffled us and placed us in different classes today.

True, you were classmates with Bobi Wine at Kitante secondary school, but not classmates in life.

Everyone has his unique class in life because in the school of life there are no classmates, because life is a class of one.

Mr. Cool, life is a class of one! Ok, consider a gentleman called Mukwaya. Am told he is at the rank of a captain in UPDF and has been at that rank since 1986 but we also have Lt. Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba who in a record time is a 3-star general.

In other words, we have friends who many years after they got employed in their dream jobs, getting a second promotion is still a prayer point.

The answer lies in the fact that in the school of life there are no competition and no classmates because life is a class of one. Bobi Wine is on his path and you are on yours.

Have you also considered why, from the same branch of a tree you will find both ripe and unripe fruits yet the seeds were released same time, exposed to same nutrients and environmental conditions but yet some ripen before others?

Mr Cool, even Identical twins that deliberately wait for each other to be in the same class, engage in the same business and even wed on the same day, will not get their wives pregnant on the same day. Bebe Cool please think.

You must understand that life is a differentiator and is a class of one. No OBs, no OGs, no schoolmate and no classmates. That is why I should advise you to concentrate on pinning posters as Bobi Wine concentrates on becoming a president.

You don’t have to feel bitter or angry because you feel Bobi Wine is doing better than you. Do not sweat blood or loose weight over the class of Bobi Wine because there are no classmates in life, ndugu.

By the way Mr. Cool If you like, you can give yourself double promotion but I tell you, life will eventually place you in the class you are meant to be.

Do not compare yourself with anyone, less with Bobi Wine, because you are in a class of one. There are no classmates in life.

Mr. Bebe Cool, please ponder on this as you journey through life.

Listen to….”wasimba mwoggo Bobi nasimba ebitooke …..olwokuba ebitooke biryawo ….” By #HEBobiWine (sorry I don’t know the tittle)

The writer is from Tororo Municipality

Whatsapp: +256 753 195 384

Email.: asumanmrjn@gmail.com

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