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Kampala is Dirty, Who is responsible? Let us Sue them!

What happened with the beauty of Kampala? Shall our streets remain crowded and filthy until we stampede and die in large numbers like the recent scenario in India to awake the responsible persons to action. Frankly speaking, during my recent visit to Kampala I was in tears to see deplorable filth in the city with foggily ‘liberated’ vendors selling in the middle of the roads while squeezing pedestrians. The pedestrians all seem annoyed with this plight but seemed powerless to decipher their own fate. I felt sad for a handicapped man who got twisted in the middle of the crowd and was continuously being pressed from all directions. I am not sure whether he got home safe.

I was irritated to see the whole city littered with campaign posters from politicians who all seem to say nothing but how they can get to office while caring less about the city. If they did, some would have spared the walls and trees from being plastered with campaign posters and stickers. To my surprise not even road signs were safe. I felt sorry for any new driver to the city because there was virtually nothing left to guide them as every sign post was dressed up in campaign posters. What has become of Kampala now? Who is responsible for this mess? Why don’t we sue them? Who can do it! Well, try me.

Let us sue the city council because they are part of these chaos.
Let us sue the electoral Commission because they should have laid rules on how posters were supposed to be displayed.
Let sue the Office of Mayor of Kampala because they have run out of ideas to tackle the situation, yet they promised they would.
Let us sue the media group, especially those in the TV and Radio stations, because they should worked harder to produce relevant programs sensitizing the population about this ogre.
Let us sue the National Environmental Association – NEMA for doing nothing about the situation. Why are they mute? This is a conspiracy to spoil our city.
Let us sue Uganda government for allowing this mess to happen, and especially Mr. Museveni for lying to us. He spoke of modernization of the country ever since but we have waited for this in vain.

Wait a minute, anybody left? Well, add that list. But frankly speaking, let us do something about this disorder. Otherwise, this clutter will cost us billions of shillings to fix, especially with everyone doing whatever they want as if there are no laws in this city. When I was in Kampala during December, I taught I was re-reading Ayi Kwame Armah’s book: The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born. A book that depicts the filth and corruption in Ghana during the last years of Kwame Nkrumah.

Munduni Angelo Dema
Hekima College, Jesuit School of Theology, Peace and International Relations
Catholic University,
Nairobi Kenya
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