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Police Should Interrogate Anita Among

The Anita I know will intimidate every member of Parliament including the leader of opposition who has equally sacrificed his member a one Twaha Kabugo!

Firstly Anita Among denied knowing Twaha Kabugo but in less than five seconds or thereabout she said that Kabugo is a member of Parliament but I don’t know him. Hon. Anita you don’t need to know someone for you to bribe them. But that aside when you keenly watch this parliamentary sitting of Tuesday 9th August and Anita’s body languege you realise that there was something fishy.

First she tries to speak but in a space of Micro-seconds she is seemingly chocked by saliva, she konda coughs and her eyes were shy as she couldn’t keep them straight to both the audience and the cameras there-in as she denied knowing Kagabo. Shockingly still, as she submitted her “defence” she referred the Kabugo to the Parliamentary disciplinary committee! Madam speaker when does the speaker face the disciplinary committee of Parliament? Just asking for a layman.

She said that the said committee was given an hour to come up with the report. Seconds later she said that this committee was given one month to come up with a report. As a keen analyst I took Anita’s body language and her tongues’s inconsistencies for guilt or obstruction of justice.

You know Anita is a smart woman who will never allow to die alone in any movie specially when she is such movie’s director like this one of 40m and that’s why her bootlickers like Dr. Macho Geoffrey Busia Municipality Mp recklessly submitted on non issues as he said that Twaha’s behaviour called for a mental checkup! To Hon. Macho returning a bribe is a mental case. Secondy was this Silwanyi solomon. Honestly I dont remember when this Silwanyi man has ever spoken sense for all the time I have seen him speak in Parliament or in its corridors.

As always he [Silwanyi] stood up and had this to say in his lack of wisdom. He asked that of all the problems Lwengo Distict has where Twaha comes from why would he pick such money and bring it Parliament rather than solve his constituency problems? Still I found his submissions wanting and based on non issues. Twaha’s issue was about the speaker’s bribe and hence a reason he returned the said bribe and in any case its not the responsibility of an MP’s responsibility to solve the country’s problem. May be to remind this ill reasoning Silwanyi, the cardinal role of an MP is legislation but because the house is full of self seekers like Silwanyi that’s why they robe us and buy ambulance 🚑 which responsibility is for the government under a health ministry.

In my analysis therefore speaker Anita Among din’t have any moral authority to refer this matter to the disciplinary committee given the fact that Twaha had pinned her for giving him the said bribe! This matter was not an internal matter but rather a national matter that would be managed by both the inspector General of Government and Criminal Investigations department (CID). If was in charge of CID I would begin by recording a statement by Hon. Twaha Kabugo to establish brief facts.

According to Twaha he picked the money from Anita’s home in Nakasero just opposite the high court civil Division, therefore there must be a mode of communication used used by Anita Among or her agents to invite him to her home to pick the said money. Can’t got police go ahead to establish the dates when the said communication took place and use the state tracking system to prove him right or otherwise? Upon gathering this evidence through phone records between Kabugo’s phone and Anita or her agents, police would now compel the Rt. Hon. Speaker Anita Among to avail to them her camera recordings of her gate and inside the house of the said date and day in order to collaborate the scanty evidence by Twaha. In the event that Anita fails to avail to the CID with the footage this would mean that she deleted the footage probably to escape from justice. But this wouldn’t save her either; CID would still get that footage from the neighbourhood residences to ascertain whether Twaha’s vehicles ever came around Anita and subsequently I would put Anita Among on defence basing on circumstantial evidence. But should Kabugo’s info contradict then the law would definitely take its course for defaming Anita Among.

We need to learn from developed countries like America. Can you imagine that FBI investigated President Bill Clinton over Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, FBI investigated President Richard Nixon over the 1972 Watergate scandal and he subsequently resigned on 9th.Aug.1974 and so is Ronald Trump who is being investigated by FBI but all this works in a country that has built un biased and functional institutions whose aim is to serve the country first rather than individuals.

To be continued in my up coming book “Mr. President sorry I am not sorry” in a chapter ” The Anita I know: A suspect turns into the jury”.

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