We Ugandans are hard working, innovative, proud people who want bad government policies and high taxes to get out of the way so we can take care of our families and pursue our dreams.

My reading of history convinces me that most bad government has grown out of too much government.

The government have made sure that we struggle so hard even to afford water, electricity and transportation. these could have been the only thing that this government would offer its citizens at a free or cheaper price.

Africa is surrounded by oceans, Uganda is the source of the Nile which produces good water and generates electricity but we still pay electricity and water expensively.

Some of us Ugandans sleep on empty stomach even without bathing not because we want them, but because we cant afford them.

Some of as young Ugandans have studied / went through education by our parents/guardian properties. our parents sold their properties to keep us at school eg land, houses, vehicles, some parents sold their own clothes to keep us at school and much more. and then the
beneficiaries are those now blaming we the young people for being idle through their armed police.

Some of us have studied and now home. we have receive all types of lies and promises from top government officials starting by the head of states himself. each of them tells us please join agriculture. but we cant join agriculture with one hoe and two seeds.

President Museveni likes lying to us the young people each time we meet him. we have kept a lot of his promises and there seems nothing we can do for now. we thank him so much and i wish to acknowledge him for teaching us the young people patronage.

I am so happy that the next election and next president shall be determine by the young people and we the young people must not miss use the chance we have got to change our country.

They will bring for our poor members of parliament money as i predict so that they play with our life and future but one day we will pay a visit soon to Rebecca Kadaga and i hope they will allow us entrance. we have lost interest and hope on some members of parliaments.

We want to see the Anite‘s kneeling before the head of states pleading for free facilities or cheaper like water and electricity for poor Ugandans not sole candidature.

Written by: Obita Denis
Ex Guild president school of hygiene
Emeritus information and publicity UNSA
Now heading the campaign The Uganda We Want.


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