It is hard to believe that this was once a rich, free, happy, proud, independent land unbothered about and undisturbed by the rest of the world. It still is some of those things by the way.

It is unbelievable but at a certain time, people and animals lived in perfect harmony on the planet, wondering around with that swagger Besigye says every Ugandan will walk with one day, but that is if they already don’t walk with that swagger.

It’s hard to believe that the very blood that flowed through the veins of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, Kwameh Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela, Patrice Lumumba, Robert Sobukwe, Moleti Asante, Yaa Asantewaa, among others is the very blood that flows through Africans today.

We imagine colonialism is dead and gone and yet it still lives in every aspect of our lives.It is pre-dominant in the way we walk, talk, smile, sleep, drive, shop, dress,dance, enjoy romance to mention but a few. Well Colonialists, I have to give it to them are very smart people. They had us in their grip back then and indeed gave us “independence” but their grip only tightened, we just couldn’t see it.

Through propaganda, they have killed the love and identity that Africans should be holding when it comes to their continent. They have killed the pride and compassion of the African. They have clipped our wings. They have made Africans desire to be them.

They have engraved the superior – inferior mentality into the mind of the Africans and the African has accepted the positon, and yet one is not inferior until his/her mind comes to accept so. They have murdered the African spirit.

Africa has amazing professional doctors. We have great hospitals like the  Gambro Health care in Swaziland, AIC Kopsowar Hospital in Kenya,  Institut  Pastuer  de Madagascar but the out flow of Ugandans  to London; Ivorian’s  to Paris, Angolans to Lisbon and Moroccans to Madrid is simply astonishing,  Why?

Because they feel that African hospitals are too inferior, and yet it is those success stories that would change our hospitals. Our money is being spent out of the continent at a high rate compared to what is spent here. How do we expect the economy to grow then?

They have created a breed of Africans that are obsessed with European teams like Arsenal and Manchester United and know nothing about African teams like KCCA FC, Gor Mahia FC,TP Mazembe to mention but a few.

African billionaires don not spend enough cash on clubs with serious potential like TP Mazembe that made it the FIFA Club world cup finals. Young boys instead go and bet their tuition on Barcelona and commit suicide but have you heard of any Britons doing this?

Africans are obsessed with Nicolas Cage, The Kardashians, Statham, and Scott Discick from Hollywood and try to ignore Genevieve Nnagi ofNollywood. Women are thrilled, and do anything not to miss soaps like La Tormenta, Second Chance and are ashamed of our very own Deception, which directly tackles some of the issues they face.

Africans are completely loyal to the likes of Drake, Lil Wayne and die to buy and listen to their music and ignore our magical talents. We have the Eddy kenzo, DBanj, WizKid, Davido but Africans don’t want to listen. They even go a step further by calling those that know African music LOCAL.

They think that you have to listen to only American and European music to be cool. Those that speak more of local languages than English or French or Spanish are considered Local. All of us are guilty of this. Fact is we are so local. I am local.

When we travel abroad, we aren’t the first priority when we seek different kinds of services, I have often heard that they refused to treat Nyakairima in Korea, but when the colonialists come to Africa, The Africans skip policy and even make Africans angry and extremely uncomfortable in an effort to make the visitors the 1st priority, in a situation when the fellow African should have been, whether African or not.

We have an Africa where African students in the African system look with admiration to those that attend international schools .We have an Africa where those that go to universities in Europe are greatly admired by those that study here.

We have an Africa where the top African owned organisations take on students trained from London and America and not South Africa or Egypt.

We have an Africa where all Africans join to mourn on social media when there is terror in Europe and America and turn a blind eye to African crisis. We see Jesuis Charlie, we the French tri-color flag but never anything about Burkina Faso or Burundi or Congo or Sudan where millions of Africans die every day.

All this turmoil needs to come to an end. We need to have a great Africa once again. We need to have a rich, happy and peaceful Africa. We need to have an Africa that handles its own affairs.

A Truly Independent Africa.

We need to have an Africa where Africans support each other and ran massive media campaigns in support of each other especially during hard times.An Africa where we all turn our Facebook profile pictures to the colors of Burkina Faso, and make more iamburundi posts.

We need to have an Africa where one is not considered fake just because they listen to African music or like to speak their local language.

We need to have an Africa where the students can be proud of their education system and not look with immense admiration to those that attend the International education system , An Africa where Makerere University can produce graduates as good as those from Nottingham University.

We need to have an Africa where the Africans truly support the KCC’S and TP Mazembe’s  and purchase their jerseys, buy tickets to watch their football matches, argue about them and grow passionate about them.

An Africa where Lupita’s and Nnagi’s receive massive support from the African people for It all starts at home. The famous actors, successful musicians’, top clubs, internationally recognized, we can have that too, but it starts with us, and our attitude towards, and our love for African things.

We too can have an internationally recognized language that people struggle to learn. The Chinese did it, didn’t they? In fact the Chinese and the Arabs are starting to do it, they are achieving True Independence but they were once just like us.

We need to start making our own things and stop importing every single thing that we consider valuable. We need to start loving our own things for if we do not, no one will.

African leaders need to stop saying Yes yes  yes, it is now an era for NO when we need it/ an era for why???? It is time for African leaders to take charge of their countries.

We have to start believing in our healthcare system, and trusting in the job that our doctors can do instead of running to London. Nowadays, people ran to Indian hospitals but India was once just like us, so we too can make people start running to our hospitals.

Africa can be the leading business center in the world so that instead of New York, people ran Lagos, Cairo,and Kampala. After all, even Dubai has made it there.

Africa is a beautiful and rich continent and we have all the resources that have made other parts of the continent what they are and we too can be Great Again, but it all starts with OUR TRUE INDEPENDENCE that will produce the required character and mentality.


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