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Besigye – Uganda heading to Egypt crisis

Former Forum for Democratic Change party president Dr. Kiiza Besigye has weighed in on the revolution in Egypt, saying that is what happens when regimes take too long in power.

The recent revolution saw the overthrow of President Muhammad Morsi after just one year in power. According to Dr. Besigye, the 27 years of President Hosni Mubarak left many Egyptian institutions crippled and the state dysfunctional.

Former FDC party president Dr. Besigye warns that President Yoweri Museveni’s long stay in power has left Uganda in a precarious state and this sad position will get worse when he finally leaves.

He cites the ongoing turmoil in Egypt where the army toppled President Muhammad Morsi with the backing of the masses after just one year in power.

He had succeeded President Hosni Mubarak who had been in power for about 30 years. Mubarak was also toppled after mass protests, mainly in Tahrir Square.

Dr. Besigye says President Mubarak failed to stabilize the country and President Morsi inherited a weak state which meant he also couldn’t last long in power. The people felt he had not met their aspirations.

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