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FDC Says Rubaramira’s Resource Survival May Be Short-Lived

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has on Monday said that the resources which Rubaramira Ruranga may be looking for in the ruling NRM Party may be short-lived.

This is after Ruranga announced last Friday that he had crossed over to the ruling NRM party. He claims it is only NRM (President Yoweri Museveni) that can provide the resources he needs in fighting against HIV/AIDs.

“By the time you make a choice of belonging, you know what you are doing. But this resource survival maybe short-lived and you might eventually find yourself nowhere,” said Hon Francis Epetait, Ngora County MP as he addressed a press briefing.

He noted that it was not a surprise that Rubaramira had left FDC but was a surprised when Hon Nandala Mafabi had named him his party chairperson for the Party presidential campaigns.

“In 2007, he had abandoned FDC saying he didn’t have enough resources but then came back again.”

Speaking on NBS Television Monday morning, Rubaramira said has reached the climax of his political career and only wants to use his expertise to fight HIV.

“I joined NRM for a specific reason which is to fight HIV and not for partisan politics. I need to have the means to effectively fight HIV. I can only get them from NRM.”

However, Hon Epetait said being in FDC, Rubaramira was only bringing a negative approach and perception about the party.

“He never said he wanted resources the time he joined FDC and so why would he say the party couldn’t provide the resources he wanted?” he asked.

The MP further appealed to the party supporters to forgive and forget all the wrong Rubaramira has done because he was only “looking for a way on how to survive.”

“We wish him the best in his fight against HIV. But he should also know that it is a collective responsibility for everyone in Uganda to fight HIV/AIDs.”

Buhweju Campaigns

Hon Epetait also noted that the party strongly believes they will win the race and called upon the supporters not to be duped to vote for NRM.

“I appeal to all the members, let’s not get duped by small handouts and promises. Be vigilant when casting votes in Buhweju woman elections.”

FDC is being represented by Ms Jane Bwiruka in the race for the Buhweju Woman Member of Parliament.

On Friday, Ms Bwiruka was campaigning in Karungu Sub-county where her party leader Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu urged people to cast their votes carefully if they want to see change in their area.

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