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FDC’s Maj. Rubaramira Crosses Back to NRM

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Major Rubaramira Ruranga has today Friday confirmed that he has crossed sides to join National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

Former FDC electoral chairman Maj. Ruranga said he will no longer work for the FDC but has decided to cross back to the ruling party NRM.

It was reported in the media early this week that the major had a meeting with the NRM party chairman President Yoweri Museveni.

“Is it a big deal to meet Museveni? I don’t see any value in it and what’s with meeting him. I have always desired to meet that man (President Museveni)” he said.

Maj. Ruraga refutes allegations that he has been bought into going back to the NRM ruling party.

“ People think everyone can be bought like a goat.I talked to President Museveni and I told him what I could do. I am not looking for a position but I wanted to pave way to continue my fight against HIV/AIDS. President Museveni is known world over for his struggle in the fight against HIV/AIDS” he added.

Maj Ruraga Rubaramira is an HIV/AIDS activist who has lived positive for the last twenty years. He resigned his position in FDC as Electoral Commission Chairman to head the National Guidance and Empowerment Network of People Living With HIV/AIDS in Uganda (NGEN).

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