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Hope Mwesigye: MPs Endorsing Museveni As Flag Bearer Was ‘Unlawful’

Hope Mwesigye, sister-in-law of Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has said NRM MPs endorsing President Yoweri Museveni to be the party flag bearer in 2016 elections was ‘unlawful’.

Mwesigye was speaking to journalists in Kabale District on Friday, according to ChimpReports publication.

The former Kabale MP referred to the endorsement as “beyond their powers.”

“The NRM Parliamentary caucus’ so-called resolution to consider ‘Mr. Museveni’ as the sole candidate was unlawful because their mandate was to consider what is before Parliament which they did not do,” Chimpreports quotes Mwesigye.

Speaking on allegations that Mbabazi intends to contest for Presidency, Mwesigye said it is a personal matter and it is only the public that can decide to vote him or not but not be blocked by anyone.

“So really if he wants to contest he will contest and if others also want to contest don’t block them and then let people have their choice,” she added.

Meanwhile, the President accuses Mbabazi, his wife and Hope Mwesigye of organizing underground campaigns to oust him.

Mbabazi and his wife are yet to face the NRM disciplinary committee to answer to the allegations.

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