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Tubonga Nawe Boycott: Ssemujju Given 24 Hrs To Withdraw Hate Speech Against M7 Artists

A little known organization calling themselves ‘freedom activists’ have issued a seven-day ultimatum to the spokesperson of FDC Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda to withdraw the hate campaign against artists who composed President Yoweri Museveni’s campaign song of Tubonga Nawe.

The organization is Opportunity Uganda. Babu Ssali, the spokesperson of the group told a press conference that the Tubonga Nawe composers did nothing wrong to deserve being boycotted by Ugandans.

“They were doing their ordinary work of singing in order to earn from their talent. It is wrong for anyone to incite people to boycott their concerts for singing for Museveni,” Babu says.

Babu did not disclose, however, what further steps his organization will take should Ssemujju reject their demands.

Contacted for a comment, Ssemujju first laughed his heart out on being told of the ultimatum from Opportunity Uganda.

“Who are those people anyway? I am too busy doing important work to respond to every trash by people who do not matter,” Ssemujju said dismissively.

Ssemujju launched the controversial hate campaign against Chameleon, Bebe Cool, Juliana Kanyomozi, IrynNamubiru, Cathy Kusaasira, Ronald Mayinja, HarunaMubiru, among others, for composing the song in question and for going on to entertain Ugandans during Museveni’s rallies.

Ssemujju said Ugandans should not turn up at concerts organized by the affected artists, boycott taxis and entertainment spots and FM radios running their music as well as snubbing public events such as weddings, introductions and baptism celebrations at which music for the artists is played.

Ssemujju widened the boycott to target everyone who allegedly helped Museveni to ‘steal’ the presidential victory of the FDC candidate Dr Kizza Besigye in the February 18 polls.

Sections of Ugandans have since come out to slam Ssemujju over the hate campaign, but the Kira Municipality MP elect has stood his ground saying that “election thieves and their accomplices must be taught a lesson.”

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