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Eric Dhaira Going To Iceland To Replace His Brother

In March 2016, Cranes’ goalkeeper, Abel Dhaira, lost the cancer battle while in Iceland where he at least had standard treatment compared to that he would have got while in Uganda. Everyone would love to be treated outside Uganda due to deteriorating health care situation in Uganda.

Before Dhaira’s death, he had promised his brother Eric Dhaira that he would one time take him outside the country to play from there since Eric Dhaira too is a promising goalkeeper who currently plays for MUBS; who have been the Nile Special University football league champions for the last two years and also plays for Soana FC in Kampala regional league.

Eric Dhaira says he has been working towards the dream of playing professional football as he was promised by his elder brother but when death robbed him of his brother (Abel Dhaira) he thought that was the end of the dream unless otherwise.

But then God had other plans as the IBV head coach also attended the burial of Abel Dhaira. IBV is where Abel Dhaira has been playing from and prior to be bedridden by cancer he had asked his coach to allow his brother (Eric Dhaira) to be in Iceland at least to train with IBV for some months.

IBV head coach didn’t hesitate to Abel Dhaira’s requisition and it has been just a matter of time. But according to Eric Dhaira he managed to talk to IBV coach as he attended the burial and he allowed him to go and sign for IBV. However he is now processing the papers and he thinks basing on Ugandan standards, this will take some good time to complete the process hence not certain of when he will depart.

“I talked to him (IBV coach) when he came for burial and he told me he was aware. Everything is being processed for me to travel to Iceland. Abel always told me to be hardworking and I don’t think if given any chance I will disappoint,” said Eric.

There are possibilities that he may also change citizenship in Iceland if all goes well for the budding goalkeeping talent.

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