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Uganda Cup Final Spoiler Robert Donney Not Aware Of His Suspension

The Federation Of Uganda Football Association’s referees status committee has today announced that referee Robert Donney who was the center referee during the abandoned SC Villa vs KCC Uganda Cup final in Ntungamo has been suspended for four months.
Donney is not aware of his suspension

However the man himself who was at the center of all controversies during the Uganda Cup final held on 6th June in Ntugamo has denied to have received any communication from the federation concerning his suspension.

“It is a rumor. I am a member on the FUFA protocol committee and I have been in the meeting but I have been told nothing about the suspension. However you are not the first to tell me that I have been suspended,” said Donney.

The federation, during the FUFA weekly press conference on Wednesday at their office in Mengo, announced that the suspension started 14 days back.

Though the game was later replied at Mandela National Stadium with SC Villa emerging 3-0 victors, fans and the whole football fraternity demanded that Donney be penalized for his actions in Ntugamo.

He awarded penalty to SC Villa after Chrisestom Ntambi was fouled by KCC captain Saka Mpiima outside the 18yards box. He also issued matching orders to midfielder Hakim Ssenkumba. The two decisions didn’t earn soft landing to KCC fans that entered the pitch to stop the match.

Donney said that he will not refuse to follow the orders from the committee if at all they communicate to him formally that he has been suspended.

“Since they only take negatives from refereeing to judge a referee, I will take the judgement from the committee it at all I receive it. I don’t mind because this will give me time to plan for my career as a referee again,” added Donney.

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