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UMOSPOC Challenged On Poor Rally Organization

It has been over a week now since controversy rocked the in the 5th round of the Uganda National Rally championship where rally drivers hardly finished the rally.

In a surprising twist, provisional results were confirmed and Jas Mangat declared winner of the Kabalega rally without a penalty imposed on; Mangat was let off with a mere caution though Mangat and other 19 drivers had violated article 19.10 of the competition regulations.
Dr Ahmed Ashraf during the UMOSPOC rally in Masindi last week.

Dr Ahmed Ashraf during the UMOSPOC rally in Masindi last week.

Reports reveal, 20 drivers have signed a document which they intend to hand in to the Federation of Motorsports Clubs of Uganda (FMU) declaring their decision to boycott all rally events organized by Uganda Motorsports Club, after the club failed to manage the Kabalega Rally; drivers claim the rally was unsafe.

The Clerk of Course who organized the rally route, Charles Ssemengo however, said he has already requested FMU to allow UMOSPOC organize the rally next year. He says there is a 50/50 chance the rally will be held in Hoima and Masindi again but he was less worried if some drivers decide to boycott the rally.

“As long as I get four drivers and also UMOSPOC can have that number of drivers, like it or not that rally will go on. Remember the rally still counts on the national championship so even if they boycott the rally they do it at their own risk…they are likely to lose points on the championship,” said Ssemengo.

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